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Fitness is the state of being fit and healthy physically, emotionally, and is much greater than exercising on a compatible basis. Fitness has a variety of elements and there are many ways through which fitness can be measured. it is part of the general health which entails having a healthy body weight and the ability to carry out physical fitness activities without been fatigued. Note that watching what you eat, and active living are the basics of fitness.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, physical fitness is the capability to carry out daily base tasks with hardiness and vigilance without extreme fatigue and with energy to enjoy leisure time stalks and acknowledges emergencies.

Components of Fitness
According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, physical fitness is a "set of characteristics that people have to attain that associates to the capacity to perform physical activity". These components include:   Muscular strength
  •       Muscular power 
  •     Cardiorespiratory endurance
  •          Flexibility
  •          Balance
  •          Body composition
  •          Speed
Through different conditions, endurance and strength are the components used to assess fitness.

Weight Loss& Fitness

It is predicted that almost half of the American adults struggle to lose weight every year for physical fitness. Apart from dieting, exercise is one of the most common master plans employed by those trying to outbuilding extra pounds. It burns calories and this plays an important role in weight loss and fitness.
Exercise has been associated with many other benefits including improved mood, stronger bones, and reduce risk of many long-standing diseases.
Here are different best exercises for maintaining fitness and weight loss:


Walking is one of the best exercises for weight loss and a good reason for fitness. It is an accessible way for beginners to start exercising without feeling because it', slower arouse exercise, meaning it does not stress your joints. 
According to Harvard University, it's predicted that a 155-pound person burns around 167 calories burned per 30 minutes of walking at 6.4 km/h. Daily walking is good for health.

     Jogging and Running

Jogging and running are great exercises for fitness that helps you to lose weight. Both jogging and running are great exercises that can be done anywhere and are easy to include in your routine. 
Running and jogging can help to burn detrimental fat frequently known belly fats. This type of fat sheathes around your internal organs and has been linked to different long-term diseases like heart disease and diabetes.


Cycling is the most popular exercise that upgrades your fitness and helps you to lose weight. Harvard Health approximates that a 155-pound person burns 260 calories per 30 minutes of cycling on the immobilized bike.
Cycling is generally done outdoors, many gyms, and fitness centers that permit you to cycle while staying indoor. Cycling is good for people of all fitness levels, from beginners to athletes and also it is no low effect exercise.

       Interval Training

It is commonly known as high-intensity interval training. It is a broad term that mentions a short blowout of extreme exercise that equivalent to a recovery period.
HIIT workout lasts 10-30 minutes and can burn many more calories and keep fitness to your body. It means HIIT can help you to burn more calories although spending less time exercise. It is easy to include in your daily routine exercise. 
HIIT is productive at burning belly fats, which associate with long-standing disease.


 Swimming is a fun way to lose weight and get shape. The benefit of swimming is its low influence nature, meaning that it's easier on your joints that's why it's a great option for people who have injuries or joint pain. It importantly decreases body fats, upgrades resilience, and also decreases heart disease risk factors.

How do you lose belly fat?

There are a lot of reasons why people gain belly fats, as well as poor diet, deficiency of exercise, and stress. Improving nutrition, increasing activity, decreasing stress can help people to lose undesirable belly fats.
Belly fats refer to the fats around the abdomen.
There are two main types of belly fats.
·         Visceral
·         Subcutaneous


This type of fats surrounds a person's organ.


It is another type of fats that sits under the skin.
According to Health Complications visceral fats are more dangerous than subcutaneous fats.

Why are belly fats harmful?

The existence of overweight is one of the main causes of crucial diseases.
The overabundance of belly fats can increase the risk of:
  • ·         Heart disease
  • ·         Heart attacks
  • ·         Stroke 
  • ·         High blood pressure
  • ·         Asthma
  • ·         Breast cancer
  • ·         Colon cancer
  • ·         Type 2 diabetes, and other types of serious diseases.

Causes of belly fats

There are various common causes of belly fats include the following:  

    Poor Diet

Sugary food, such as bakery items like cakes, ice-creams, candy, drinks such as soda and fruit juice can cause weight gain, slow metabolism, and also decrease the person's capability to burn fats.
The American Heart Association suggest that people trans fats with healthy whole grain foods and polyunsaturated fats

    Lack of Exercise

If someone absorbs more calories than they burn off, it will cause of belly fat. An indolent lifestyle makes it hard for people to get rid of the excess of belly fats.

     A lot of Alcohol 

Absorb excess alcohol can cause various health problems. A 2015 report on alcohol consumption that drinking an abundance amount of alcohol cause gains weight in men around the bellies and inconsistent results in a female.   


According to Researchers smoking directly cause belly fats. A 2012 published study showed the smokers had more belly and visceral fats than non-smokers.

Remedies to Getting Rid of Belly Fats

By considering the following changes, people may be able to lose their unwanted belly fats.
  •          Improve your diet
  •         Increase your exercise
  •         Reduce alcohol consumption
  •         Reduce your stress
  •          Quit smoking


Exercise is helpful for weight loss and maintaining fitness. Through exercise increase metabolism, and help to burn calories in a day. It can also help you to maintain and increase body mass that also helps you to increase the number of calories you burn each day. Whenever you do moderate exercise like walking, running, jogging, etc. that can make your heart beat a little faster and your muscles use more glucose so this can lower the blood sugar/ glucose level in your body and make your body work better.



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